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About Us - Radio Italo Disco

Radio Italo Disco is a disco radio station playing disco music by Italian artists (1976-1982) and Italo Disco music (1982-1989).

Radio Italo Disco only plays the disco and italo disco songs that charted in the US Disco chart, the Italian Dance chart or the Italian M & D chart. In the Playing Now info you can find the highest position the song scored in one of the above mentioned charts. Our Playlist includes disco and italo disco songs from italo disco labels from 1976 to 1989. Besides the song info, you will also find the record label on which the song was released, it's catalog number and the name of the DJ that mixed the song. The table can be sorted by each column.

Below you can find some logos of italo disco record labels.

American Disco Ariston Music Baby Banana Best Blow Up Disco Bubble Cat CGD Concorde Costa Est Crash Cruisin' Delirium Derby Did Discomagic Durium Emergent Esquire Eyes Five Flea Fly Music Full Time Fuschia International Gong Good Vibes Goody Music Hole Ibiza Il Discotto Productions Interstate Italian Keepon Musik Limited Edition Many Market Master Dee Jay Memory Merak Music Moonray Mr. Disc Organization Neon Out Power Progress Proto Ram Rare Renaissance International Ricordi Rifi Rush Sensation Simple S.P.Q.R. Squish Thick Time Vedette Videogram X-Energy Zanza Zig Zag